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The New Order Story [5] Kelompencapir and "From Village to Village"

Senin, 22 Februari 2021, 06:30 WIB
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The New Order Story [5] Kelompencapir and "From Village to Village"
Kelompencapir's of Soeharto (Photo: Perpusnas)

Pepih Nugraha

Penulis senior

Some call it "Kelompencapir", but not a kind of "kelom geulis" footwear for women made by Tasikmalaya craftsmen. It stands for "Audience, Reader and Audience Group". It was during the New Order era, when President Soeharto was in power for 32 years.

The activity, which is a meeting for farmers and (occasionally) fishermen, was born and worked as one of the New Order political machines. Its activities are always broadcast by TVRI. Not always, but it was obligatory to broadcast the only television station at that time, the station owned by the government. Like it or not, the viewer's eyes are watching the same program.

Many people get away from their seats when the program, which always features high-achieving farmers, airs. Not because Pak Harto was the initiator of it, more so because if he could only offer Aneka Ria Safari or the World in News, it was more kicking in his day.

Well, the intelligence and knowledge of these farmers or fishermen are being pitted, of course, about their world. If you still remember the "Cerdas Cermat" program on the same television station, now that's Klompencapir.

Klompencapir seems to have shown its strength when Indonesia is incessantly self-sufficient in food, which is also the central figure of Pak Harto. Moreover, in 1984 the Indonesian government received an award from the United Nations agency that specifically handles food and agriculture, FAO.

In fact there is one more program that makes viewers bored, namely "Dari Desa ke Desa" (From Village to Village}. Well, this really highlights the figure of Suharto as President who is close to his people, usually ordinary people from various professions. Again, farmers or ranchers who are "the main player", are they called "From Village to Village".

At the event Pak Harto sat down with his assistants. Television cameras shot Pak Harto's face from various directions. Usually when Pak Harto is talking, BCU aka Big Close Up is always used. Then came his distinctive "The Smiling General" impression. "Iya, toh?" (yes, right?) always the utterance ends in a sentence like that. "saudara-saudara harus inget!" (you must remember!) or "Silaken saudara tanya kepada menteri daripada saya!" (Please ask my minister!)

Of course, those present have been selected through a screening, have also been appointed who will ask questions and what questions to ask Soeharto. Everything has been arranged in such a way, everything is orderly, without hinting from anyone. On the show, don't expect any "selonong boy" (uneasy boy) questions.

Pak Harto seems to have a good grip on the problem. His speech was smooth without pause, occasionally interspersed with a laugh that was crunchy like cassava chips. It's not wrong if someone thinks Pak Harto is a "professor" for agricultural affairs.

At the same event, if Pak Harto found anything funny, the audience laughed too, including the ministers who woke up from their sleep. Everyone laugh ...


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