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A Willingness to Do More

Rabu, 30 Juni 2021, 08:09 WIB
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A Willingness to Do More
Sumber foto: irawati thahir (gerakan seniman masuk sekolah)

The future is in the hands of the younger generation, and this woman determined within herself to do more in the place where she lives, a year later she finally decided to find a job she likes; teaching English language. Not matter of money, but spreading kindness is her life motto. Two years later the invitation from the education office to be a jury in the theater competition came, full of emotion, finally hard work paid off. Finally, in 2019, he was selected as an artist in the work program of the ministry of education and culture. Teaching theater to schools designated by the ministry. The question is why from teaching English to becoming a theater teacher? Basic education is English literature. The first year of college, working part time as a private tutor, and finally teaching at several international standard schools in Makassar.

First sight gave a special color for me personally that education must be comprehensive and spread to all elements of Indonesia's young generation. The project of artists entering school became my turning page sharing knowledge with the young generations. And inspire them to dream. Dream is free, so let’s dream big. I provide innovation and learning patterns that are different from schools in general. Learning is fun. Listening to stories from students is a great gift. To them I know never give up, passionate, be more content.

Their smiles and loves grew over time. Understand that true education must listen to their dreams, help them develop and make their dreams come true. The first day I met, their faces were full of joy. That my presence in the next three months will give them something new : acting.

As an artist, I believe that nothing is impossible when we are willing and willing to take risks to jump in and be involved. Giving an understanding of what theater art is made easy when they cheerily say:

I want to play a movie’ …………..

‘You know my favorite movie???’……………………

‘Did you know last night I watched an action movie on a tv station?’ …………..

'wahhhh it turns out we're going to act'.........

'it's like playing and learning mom, we can act crying and angry'……………………………….


Brainstorming was done in a minute I explain what actingis. Their excitement increased, their knowledge began to change with my presence. We also discuss the art of acting with interviewing each other. Because involving students in discussions is mandatory. Insights will be opened, curiosity will increase, and eventually mutual needs will occur between one another. We can finish a simple topic about discussing upin and ipin films in 90 minutes.

Three months of teaching arts was a precious moment for me, which is quite new after leaving Makassar. Experience teaching English changed to arts. We will surely encounter obstacles on the way, but the spirit of educating the young generation must be a torch in our hearts. 

Theater is relatively new for school students in Tanjung Selor. As I expected to be a bridge for students to boost their acting skills, confidence, character building, encourage spaces of  growth, and express their feeling, emotion.

Theatrical performances emphasize our culture that many of the young generation have forgotten about history. And I wish it becomes a topic for students and parents to explore the importance of history. That history in the city of Tanjung Selor or Bulungan exists. It is proven by several stories about the princess lemlai suri or well-known Telur Pecah. Then the legend of Aki Arut and Batu Tenebang became a separate story for the Punan Semeriot tribe in remote Kalimantan. The scattered stones that can be found along the Semeriot River, Sekatak, Bulungan Regency have a legendary story for this tribal community. It was reported in newspaper  in North Kalimantan on June 23, 2016. About the history of Aki Arut dan Batu Tenebang, this was told by the traditional leader of the Punan Semeriot tribe.

There is great hope for the younger generation, despite of the wave of the Covid-19 virus, technological advances must be in line with reading and learning interests.

A Quote from Malcolm X; Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Let’s prepare ourselves and the young generation,

skills is the other key to conquer the world.