The Paradox of Work: The Secret of Mind Power and Will

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The Paradox of Work: The Secret of Mind Power and Will
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In 2013, I made a significant decision in my life: early retirement. This decision was not easy. I was engulfed by excessive worries and stress. Thoughts of "what if?" kept haunting me, making every step feel uncertain.

However, what's interesting is the fact that our worries often don't materialize. When I finally decided to retire, I experienced tremendous happiness instead. Freedom from the 9-5 routine, from the confines of office hours, provided a new space in my life.

Unexpectedly, I received an offer to write the biography of an official. The fee I received from this project was significant enough to buy a new car — something that previously seemed impossible.

In 2008, I was the managing editor at PT Indeks, one of the sister companies of Kompas-Gramedia publishing company. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet Adam Khoo, a young and legendary author from Singapore.

Representing the publisher, we struck a deal to translate and acquire the rights to his book "Master Mind: Design Your Destiny." Before anyone else, I had the chance to read and study the manuscript thoroughly. I deeply appreciated, read, and sought to emulate this extraordinary masterpiece.

Understanding the Paradox of Work

1. Power of Positive Thinking
The decision to retire early forced me to confront my greatest fear: the uncertainty of the future. However, with positive thinking and belief in my abilities, I managed to find a new and unexpected path. Positive thinking brings energy and opportunities that were previously unseen.

2. Courage to Take Risks
Making major decisions like early retirement requires courage. The risks taken may be significant, but the rewards often outweigh them. The courage to step out of the comfort zone can open doors to new opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

3. Flexibility and Adaptation
Freedom from work routines gave me the opportunity to explore other interests and talents, such as writing a biography. Flexibility to adapt to new situations is key to success outside the conventional work world.

4. Unlimited Potential
This experience taught me that our potential is not limited to one role or job. When one door closes, another door opens. Discovering and developing new potential is part of a meaningful life journey.

From Worries to Success

My story proves that what we worry about doesn't always happen. When I decided to retire early, I imagined various worst-case scenarios that might occur. However, the reality was different. Freedom from work routines gave me the chance to pursue meaningful and rewarding projects.

The fee from writing the biography of an official allowed me to buy a new car — something I could only dream of before. This is evidence that with positive thinking and strong determination, we can achieve things that were previously deemed impossible.

Lessons and Blessings

1. Don't Be Afraid to Make Big Decisions
Sometimes, the most frightening decisions bring the most satisfying results. Taking risks is part of the journey to success.

2. Believe in Yourself
The power of mind and belief in oneself are the keys to facing uncertainty. By believing in our abilities, we can overcome challenges and find new paths.

3. Utilize Freedom
Freedom from work routines gives us the opportunity to explore other interests and talents. Use this freedom to develop oneself and pursue new opportunities.

4. Stay Open to Opportunities
Life is full of surprises and unexpected opportunities. Stay open and ready to seize those opportunities when they come.

My experience is a real example of the paradox of work. With the courage to make big decisions and belief in the power of mind and will, we can achieve extraordinary things. Worries often exist only in our minds, while reality offers better opportunities than we imagine.

Do you have any plans or hopes to embark on new projects or adventures after your positive experience with early retirement?