Portrait of Love

Selasa, 23 November 2021, 14:03 WIB
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Portrait of Love
Ros (Foto: istimewa)

A beautiful girl..
Painting so beautifully..
The natural scenery of the trees is very natural...

Color mix..
Harmonize the taste..
When I saw the painting...
Being a meaningful entertainment in...

How come..
The girl turned out to be...
A blind person..
Painting only with love...

Produce paintings..
Which gives peace..
Really touched..
Knowing this unique feat...

That's a portrait of love..
From someone who is very soft hearted..
Even if the eyes can't see
But the inner eye is very bright...

Beautiful life..
If every human...
Always put forward a great love..
To protect each other in peace...

In an increasingly dynamic life..
Need more..
The work comes from a sincere heart..
Awaken enthusiasm and passion for life...

A life full of value..
Be the dream of every human being..
As a human being..
Differentiating from other creatures...

Jakarta, 22.11.2021

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