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Human Are Living Things As Part of the Cycle of the Universe

Selasa, 26 Oktober 2021, 23:36 WIB
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Human Are Living Things As Part of the Cycle of the Universe
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Humans are lucky as one of the living beings who have reason to fill life on earth. Because it means that humans are given control to regulate the balance of life for all creatures.

Human life can be studied and traced from two things, namely physically and spiritually. If from spiritual then dominant to spiritual which means deeper into the soul as self-reflection on life and the creator of life.

Physically, humans return to the naturalness of the universe because humans are part of the cycle (the time cycle in which there is a series of events that repeat regularly and regularly, KBBI) of the universe.

Born, grow, grow, old, and die then re-unite with the soil which means becoming particles (Basic elements of objects or parts of objects that are very small and have very small material dimensions such as grains of sand, electrons, atoms or molecules, KBBI ) process hundreds or even thousands and millions of years and humans never know about the process and time span because for humans who are still given life, they focus more on their worldly activities.

The dynamic cycle of the universe continues to rotate, resulting in many changes in both the weather, changes in human behavior, changes in the characteristics of the earth and so on. Substances from the decaying human body and its essence evaporate with the naturalness of the universe so that it can become anything on earth even like a collection of clouds into raindrops that wet the earth, wind, snow, oxygen. Plants become fertile, their fossils become a source of oil, due to the moisture of nutrients (Various minerals found in the soil are needed by plants to carry out photosynthesis. Nutrients are also food extracts in liquid form. These minerals are in liquid form that can be absorbed by roots to be channeled into leaf green matter, Wikipedia) which continues to influence the changing cycle.

That is the function of humans physically to the natural cycles that occur naturally. Therefore, humans as thinking creatures should be grateful because they have a big role to regulate life so that all creatures can live in harmony and sustainability. Of course, for those who understand, life is only a place to play, so it is important to have a more open (lighter) mindset to make it easier to live and provide the best work that can be used other than as memories for human civilization. If you already know and are aware that life is like stopping by, then it is best to make good history as a guide for human life on earth.

Make every self useful, even though just stopping in the life of the world does not mean that you can't leave good traces, if every human being continues to do so, then when reincarnation occurs (reviving on earth with different roles and situations) the condition of the earth is very good. With that awareness, humans can respect each other, peace of life is created, if humans have to face death they are also more willing to let go of worldly attachments.

There is nothing happier than humans feeling one as a creature who is given more trust than other creatures on earth, therefore they must be able to love each other and contribute to goodness among humans themselves regardless of their status and position. As long as they have a sense of humanity, there are no more human beings who suffer (war) all are liberated and respected.

That is the best way for humans, there is no more oppression of human life and arbitrary because actually we all have the same degree in the universe.