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Makes the World Better

Senin, 11 Oktober 2021, 18:53 WIB
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Makes the World Better
World (Photo: neweurope.eu)

If humans are aware that humans are different from other living creatures on earth, then humans have the greatest responsibility to harmonize the lives of all creatures so that they can live in balance in harmony to create peace for the universe.

One of the important focuses of attention is the human obligation to build human life, especially a more peaceful and happy one in order to create an increasingly humanistic quality of human resources that the sense and value of humanity is above all else in human life.

Not only for today's goals, today but for future goals in the very long term, sustainable. So that human children and grandchildren can live in a healthier and more pleasant space.

Anyone who is active in creative work should be given an open space to produce innovations that facilitate human life in undergoing dynamics. For those who choose to enjoy life as long as they do not commit criminal acts that disturb and harm others and public order, they must be guarded and protected. If all human beings agree to carry out such a lifestyle, a safer living space will be built for each individual. There is no other purpose of human life in this world than to be happy in every activity.

Most importantly of all, if it turns out that nature has its own pattern and humans never know that they can be reborn into a world with a different life atmosphere from their death (Reincarnation) then they can still live on earth that is safer and quieter for this new life. What if it was the other way around?

Therefore, it is important for each of us to have a broader way of thinking to know the hidden great meaning of this life in order to be able to create a more secure living environment from all sides, when we are re-created as humans in another atmosphere into a different person, humans remain in the same place. a good environment, far from things that are scary and worrying, as well as from the harsh attitude that comes from humans themselves.

Let every individual as a human in the world, from now on want to change the mindset to be more humane so that when reincarnation occurs, they are already in a safer and more comfortable (guaranteed) environment.

Personally, I don't know what changes will happen to the universe, regarding the best quality of human life, prioritizing self-control in order to live more regularly and responsibly to create an atmosphere that is always warm among human beings.

Even if reincarnation does not occur, at least humans can live meaningfully in this one life and have found the happiness that is their nature to enjoy.

This paper is an afterthought, to keep thinking that human life should be more beautiful considering that humans are creatures of reason. Let's all appreciate each different person as a sign that humans are the most special creatures on earth as the one most responsible for realizing a more hospitable life for humans themselves.